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Share Powershell Profiles and Modules accross multiple Computers

With OneDrive we have a possibility to sync several kind of content between a local computer and the cloud. I put my scripts under development in a OneDrive Folder and have the possibility to work on them from any system that i have access to. I use OneDrive to share the Powershell profile scripts and […]

Best Practices Increase Application Log Size on Exchange Servers

Per default the Application Logs has a maximum size of 16 MB and if that size is reached older entries are overwritten. For troubleshooting purposes that isn´t enough. Exchange is known as a chatty application. Therefore usally it is recommend to increase the size by default on new Exchange Installations.

To deploy the same […]

Same source Data – Same Migration Host

The Migrator for Notes to Exchange (MNE) from Dell (formerly Quest) has by design a 1:1 dependency from source data to the used migration host. If you re-migrate the same data (a user collection) on different migration host you create doublicates of the sourcedata in the target mailbox. The MNE can´t detect that the same […]