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Best Practices Increase Application Log Size on Exchange Servers

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Per default the Application Logs has a maximum size of 16 MB and if that size is reached older entries are overwritten. For troubleshooting purposes that isn´t enough. Exchange is known as a chatty application. Therefore usally it is recommend to increase the size by default on new Exchange Installations.

Limit-EventLog -LogName Application -MaximumSize 200MB

To deploy the same setting on all Exchange Server in your enviroment at once use

Get-ExchangeServer | ForeEach-Object { Limit-EventLog -LogName Application -MaximumSize 200MB -ComputerName $_.name  }

With the Desired State Configuation Functionality it is also possible to set the Limit of the Apllication Log File. The advantage with DSC is that the setting can be autocorrect any changes on the setting. It is also possible to extend the Configuration with Exchange specific settings.

Configuration ExchangeServer {

param (
        [string[]]$ComputerName = ‘localhost’

    Import-DSCResource -ModuleName xPSDesiredStateConfiguration
    Import-DscResource -module xWinEventLog

    Node $ComputerName {
         xWinEventLog Application {
            LogName            = 'Application'
            MaximumSizeInBytes = 200mb

        Environment COMPLUS_DisableRetStructPinning {
            Name            = 'COMPLUS_DisableRetStructPinning'
            Value           = '1'
            Ensure          = 'Present'

        Registry DisableRetStructPinning {
            Ensure          = 'Present'
            Key             =  'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework'
            ValueName       = 'DisableRetStructPinning'
            ValueType       = 'DWORD'
            ValueData       =  '1'


The xWinEventLog resource is a part of the DSC Resource Kit and provides support for configuring the Windows Event Logs.  Microsoft has moved the entire DSC Resource Kit to a GitHub reposetory.


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