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New DELL Coexistence Manager 3.7 released

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  • Exchange and Outlook 2016 support
  • New Directory Connector engine
    The new DC engine performs these functions more efficiently and with fewer technical complications than in earlier DC versions.
  • Free/Busy Connector support for O365 environments with shared/single namespace
    Recent releases of Exchange and an updated Office 365 tenant now make possible CMN FBC support for either a hybrid or non-hybrid Office 365 in a shared/single namespace environ-ment. The required configuration is documented in the new FBC Scenarios Guide.
  • Option to show Exchange users‘ non-working time in free/busy lookups from Notes
  • Option to disable SSLv2 encryption where Domino doesn’t support it.
  • The new directory Connector will no longer required the SQL Database


    The Directory Connector’s underlying engine, which facilitates data transfers between the Domino directory and Active Directory, has been replaced in version 3.7. There is no automatic upgrade path to this new 3.7 Directory Connector from any earlier version. If you are upgrading from any earlier version, you must uninstall the earlier version, and then install the 3.7 version. You will, however, be able to import your existing (pre-3.7) DC configuration data into the new Directory Connector.


Actually we have problems during the import of the old configuration for the directory connectors.
For the Mail Connector and the Free Busy Roles an inplace Update is possible.

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